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Removing a large tree is a detailed process few property owners understand. It needs careful planning in regards to safety and restricting the damage to surrounding home. Besides, the process of tree removal isn’t complete till a stump is eliminated.

We’re a respectable tree and stump removal service with over 40 years experience in the Bellingham Area. If you are considering removing your stumps but you have not made up your mind, consider the reasons below.


Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps.

Appearance. Stumps decrease the aesthetic appeal of your property. While you may pick to go the DIY route in an effort to increase the appeal of your home, removing the stumps requires skills and devices you may not have at home. You likely lose precious hours and energy on a job you’re ill-equipped to achieve. Let our licensed stump removal professionals help you.

Personal security. You risk tripping over and getting injured if you have stumps in your landscape. The danger of potential injury also extends to your enjoyed ones and visitors.

Flexibility. Stumps can restrict making use of your lawn, removing them provides you complete access to your landscape.

Avoiding insect problem or growth around/on the stump. Stumps not only draw in bugs however also unwanted vegetation, which can grow around stumps making your landscape appear neglected.
Our Stump Removal Process.

Our Stump Removal Process

The bulk of stump removal strategies such as hand digging, chemical treatment and burning are cumbersome, tiresome, risky and time-intensive. The most efficient method of getting rid of stumps includes making use of a stump grinding device.

Undoubtedly, few property owners own a stump grinding machine or understand how to use it and that’s where we come in. Our group utilizes a premium stump mill that eliminates stumps in a few hours. Stumps can dull the look of your landscape, let us assist you to make your home attractive again.

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